Tuesday, April 01, 2008

She Realizes How This Ends, Right?

Clinton has announced that she will fight like Rocky. I know she's in Philly and all but if you are going to make outdated pop-culture references, could you at least make apt outdated pop-culture references. On second thought, I guess it is accurate... she is about to lose, even if she goes fifteen rounds.

By the way, all the April Fool's shenanigans on the blogs this morning made me smile. I have to agree with the consensus that this one takes it.


Anonymous said...

HEY, Rocky isn't fictional nor outdated. He represents a lot of people who live in Philadelphia.

Must you criticize everything Hillary says. It is getting old.

Anonymous said...

No, what's getting old is Hillary misrepresenting what Barack Obama says and does. He has been saying for a week that she should NOT be pressured to drop out, and yet there she is: "Senator Obama says he's getting tired of the campaign." Really, Hil? Where did he say that? She IS Rocky Balboa--a lot of heart and drive--but she's not a winner in the end.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Clinton needs her own personal Mickey (Burgess Merideth)...someone like, say Patrick Leahy to remind her "you can't win kid"... Actually, in a lot of ways, she is like Rocky:

- She refuses to quit

- Both fighters (candidates) will be beaten to a bloody pulp when this is over

- And she will lose

The only real innacuracy is she didn't come into this as the underdog or long shot...she was the favorite. What a shame that a poor campaign, poor decisions, lies, and putting her dumb husband to work for the campaign have reduced her to comparing herself to an underdog.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha. How apropos that she equates herself to Rocky Balboa, the first person to take Apollo Creed fifteen rounds, both ending up beaten and bloody, and the black guy wins in a controversial split decision. Oh yeah, she is so Rocky.

Pat said...

Did you really listen to what she said? She said - "I never quit - I never GET UP" Check it out.

Rob said...

THis week Rocky!! Last week it was Rambo ducking sniper fire. She is A HOOT!!!!!
I think she is running to be the next ACTION HERO..
Watch out Sly!!!!!

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