Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Doesn't He Have More Important Things To Do?

This perplexes me. How does the Liberal foreign affairs critic (in a time of war, no less) and election platform guru have time to be reading every notable work of fiction produced in this country in the last year. It would make a lot of sense for Rae was on the Giller committee if he was still outside of politics, but this seems a little rich. Is this traditional or something to have a politician on the committee? I really do like Bob Rae, most of the time. Sometimes, though, I have to question just how committed to his job (this isn't like being a school trustee or something, being MP is a full time job) and the Liberal Party he really is. Either that or we're not prepared to go to the polls until after the Giller is awarded in November. I have to say, I'd prefer he be uncommitted. I suppose there is a third option. This could be a ceremonial post that doesn't involve any reading or judging. In which case, great. However, I think it unlikely.


Anonymous said...

I think they have it wrong - I read yesterday that is was "John" Rae, not Bob Rae.

Anonymous said...

every article I saw says it is Bob

As to more important things to do ... maybe Bob reads fast, maybe Bob reads instead of watching Law & Order reruns

Lay off already ... he is entitled to some life beyond politics

SteveV. said...

The reading gets done in the summer, when the House isn't in session. As the Giller founder Jack Rabinovitch has said: "Quite candidly I think it's going to affect his golf more than his job."

And regarding Bob's commitment to the Liberal Party, he waited almost a year and a half to get into the bloody House when he could have just gone back to doing statesman-esque jobs and practicing law.

How else do you show commitment besides running as an MP, being FA critic, chairing the platform development committee, and going to HUNDREDS of fundraisers for other Liberal candidates ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

Do you want him to sleep with a Liberal Party pillow? Wear red Liberal Party underwear?

What more do you really want from a guy? I think he's done a pretty good job of supporting Stephane as well.

Aaron are you just jealous that you weren't picked for the Giller jury?

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