Friday, February 08, 2008


Mitt Romney has decided to end (why do they call it suspend?) his race for the White House. This means barring a disaster John McCain is the Republican nominee. I guess the calculus just didn't work out for Romney. At 61 Romney may be positioning himself for a future run. Saying you are dropping out for the good of the party, certainly sends that message. If the Republicans lose (probably a 60% chance) in 2008, a 65 year old Romney could certainly be a contender in 2012. What exactly would make him more endearing the second time around? Well, nothing but hope springs eternal in the land of the free. McCain needs to win the rest of the states on his way to the nomination. If the people of Louisiana vote for Huckabee tomorrow, it could be a bad sign for McCain in November. McCain has not had a lot of success in the south or among evangelicals in general. Without The Base voting in droves, he has no chance against what will likely be a better funded Democratic opponent. In other words, just because the race looks over, doesn't mean there can't be a little intrigue.

Side note: I've been hearing something strange from people in my politics classes: they are getting tired of the US race. I guess two years is a long time for a campaign to go on. I wonder if this sentiment is presence elsewhere, particularly south of the border.

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Anonymous said...

They call it "suspend" so they can go into the convention with their delegates.

If they "end" their campaign, they are technically letting go of their debates.

So there is actually a difference, which most people don't know.

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