Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bring on the Budget

It appears that there will not be an election about Afghanistan. Dion has come out with a very reasonable compromise and after some haggling I'm sure the Tories and Grits can come up with an agreeable bill. This means that the next most likely issue to bring about an election call will be the budget.


ALW said...

Don't count on it. The Bloc appear willing to play ball.

Cyberwanderer said...

I think the budget would be a good time to trigger an election. If not, then what's next? Afghanistan and other Harper's provocation? The Liberal will just keep on losing their credibility. They might even get blame in the future for failing to make the government accountable.

Let's hope all Liberal can agree and no more senior Liberal publicly undermining their leader. No more speaking to the press about wanting to kick out their leader .

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