Sunday, February 11, 2007

Morning in America Part 2?

Apparently I've caught Obama fever because here's another post on the junior Senator from Illinois. So at left is the official Obama campaign symbol. A rising sun over an American flag. Hmmm... why does this sound familiar? Oh yeah, Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America." That's right. So, Obama announces his candidacy in the hometown of Abraham Lincoln with Ronald Reagan's imagery. Is this a subtle indication that he is moderate enough to get elected? Probably not. Is he going to do his next campaign event on USS Eisenhower with a Teddy Roosevelt monocle? The symbol does fit the Obama campaign idea of a new hope for America and a new politic. However, it is disturbingly Reagan-esque. I guess playing to history isn't a bad idea. I just would have thought he would have gone JFK not Reagan.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me the sun-rise logo is meant to mirror the 'O's' in 'Obama' and '08'. Not a bad logo, in my view.

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