Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I would be very embarassed if he became Premier of Ontario

So John Tory is putting out some self-serving ads on what a great and compassionate leader he is. The theme of the ads seems to be that all his friends like him so you should too. These ads are beyond boring. He's trying to introduce himself to the people of Ontario. Fine, go ahead. I'm waiting for Tory to go negative like he did in 1993. It makes me sick to my stomach that Tory is trying to portray himself as being above the mudslinging when he approved that ad. I know everyone is allowed to make mistakes, but to me that ad is unforgivable. Don't believe the hype Ontario.


knb said...

If you tune into talk radio in Ontario, they think Tory is the second coming. I suspect no one knows he was behind that ad.

I think it's time that was exposed.

Anonymous said...

Rogers negative billing fiasco...John Tory.....

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