Friday, February 16, 2007

Could Someone Please Wake Up Alberta?

So, I just finished watching the new French Conservative attack ads. What strikes me is how far Stephen Harper has fled from his Reform Party roots. Could you imagine Preston Manning releasing an ad saying "Avec les Conservateur, Le Quebec prends des forces" as Harper does in all three of his new ads. Weren't these the guys who split from Mulroney's Tories because he gave too many concessions to Quebec. Harper's new ads talk about the ghosts of the Liberal past. Someone needs to show all those West Wants In people that their boy Harper has been possessed by the still living spirit of Brian Mulroney. The Liberals should just run the end of the Conservative ads with English subtitles in Alberta as an attack ad. Let's review the classic Reform complaints and how Harper has done:
  1. Stop cow-towing to Quebec. Let's see... special deals left right and centre. Most prominently the appointment of a Quebec representative to UNESCO
  2. No More Appointed Senators: Calling Senator Fortier. Not only appointed to the senate but also to Cabinet
  3. Electoral Reform: ..... Was that tumbleweed?
  4. More Westerners in Cabinet: Let's see, Here's some key positions in Harper's cabinet: Minister of Finance: Ontario. Minster of Health: Ontario. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Nova Scotia. Minister of Defence: Ontario. Minister of Transport: Quebec.
Four strikes and you're.... rewarded with 28 seats in the next election. Mulroney in a cowboy hat is not a Reformer. WAKE UP!!!


Small Town Shyster said...

But the PM is from Alberta...and we can all agree that is the key the West Wants In bit is still going it isn't like there are a lot of viable alternatives come election time.

lance said...

You actually used UNESCO as an example of special deals that Alberta should care about?

Heh, snort, ROTFL.

wilson61 said...

Oh, Albertans are awake. We saw NEP2 coming before Holland announced it, and we kicked ClosetLiberal Dinning out on his LibLuv'n butt.

We Albertans watch Dion eating Jack's lunch, and it is clear, there is only one non-socialist party to vote for.

Anonymous said...

Albertans are lemmings. They will stampede to the polls and vote CPC, no matter how dismal the candidate is.

Wilson61 is a prime example. The CONS have scared Albertans for 25 years that the Liberals are coming to steal the oil and gas.

Pure hogwash but the lemmings believe it.

No discerning voter would vote for bozos like Rob Anders, James Rajotte or Myron Thompson, Rahim Jafar.

wilson61 said...

I voted for 2 of the biggest liars in my time. Mulroney and Chretien. Dumped the PC and Lib parties both because of that sickening feeling you get when you know you have been duped.

I didn't like some of the Reform Parties ideas, but they were a true grass roots party, and Preston is brilliant and sincere.

PMSH has taken the old Reformers to a place I like. I like the softened social side and the clear economics. I like the renewed pride in Canada that PMSH has brought to us, most of all.

Yah, maybe I am a prime example of why Westerners vote Conservative.
My family lost EVERYTHING due to the NEP. My parents, my husband and myself had to start over, from ZERO. It was really tough ( 4 young kids), but so are we.
Don't need your sympathy, nor your attitude.

We Albertans have NO fear of you puney Liberals.
You Liberals will NEVER do it to us again.
That's not a threat, it's a given.

aginsberg said...

I hate to say this Wilson61 but you've been duped again. Two Liberal Prime Ministers from Quebec were not so generous as Harper has been to that province and I include sponsorship and Shawinigate. Only the most stubborn Liberals deny the profound failure of the NEP. I am not among them. However, the mistakes of thirty years ago should not force you to make the same mistakes again.

If you want your taxes paying for a Quebecois diplomat to gallivant around the world then so be it. I chose UNESCO because its a personal beef of mine. It represents the Conservative policy of appeasement to separatism which goes back to Robert Borden. If Albertans want Quebec to increase its power as the new Conservative ads promise, then they should vote for them. Otherwise, they might want to consider if the party of Trudeau has perhaps evolved in 25 years.

Anonymous said...

Wilson61 - be careful what you wish for. Shall we tell you how many families suffered under the Mike Harris neo-con government under Messrs. Baird, Flaherty and Clements.

Shall I tell you personal "horror" stories about health care and how it affected my mother under Clements as health minister?

We can all bellyache can't we.

How about a pregnant woman dying during a heat wave because of Baird.

We could go on an on pointing out reasons for our discontent.

And, the self-righteous NDP??? Hmmm??? How about Bingogate, O'Learygate and the infamouse NDP Spudscam (much like adscam).

None of the parties are pure and holier than thow.

Grow up!

Anonymous said...

I thought the PM was from Toronto, and only lived in Alberta for a short time. When did he move there?

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