Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I really should just give up this politics thing now...

DemocraticSpace is reporting that the Citizens Assembly has deemed Mixed Member Proportional as the best of the non-first-past-the-past systems. This does not mean that this will be on the ballot only that if anything is on the ballot it will be this. I will reserve judgment and comment until they come out with their proposal in full. There are far too many variables undecided to start critiquing now. I just wanted to note that my preferred system, two-round voting, got exactly 0% of the vote. WOOT! I rock.

Oh... some opinion poll came out. Apparently bad news. Let's see... are we in an election yet? No? Then read my lips: it doesn't mean anything!

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cdlu said...


My preferred system is the very simple "approval voting" system for which I submitted to the Assembly.

I think MMP takes the worst of everything and puts it into one big pot and stirs.

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