Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stand Up For Canadian Health Care

In 2006, Stephen Harper was elected Prime Minister under the slogan "Stand Up for Canada." How cutting the GST or even fighting corruption was "standing up for Canada," I've never really understood but we'll forget about that for now. Canadian health care isn't just a source of national pride, it is a major selling point for companies looking to locate in Canada as opposed to the United States. Companies know that if they locate in Canada their employees will receive top quality medical care and neither the company nor their employees will have to worry about rising health care costs strangling the life out of their business or putting them into personal bankruptcy. That reputation, crucial to Canada's financial future, is under daily attack in the American media. Lies and half-truths are allowed to sit in the eyes of Americans without any response from Ottawa. The Prime Minister is not afraid to talk about Canada's banks on American television and spends government money extolling the benefit of government programs to Canadians. Why is it, that when the topic of Canadian health care comes up, he's no longer interested in talking to Fox News? This government has done perilously little as the economy has nosedived. If companies choose to locate outside of this country because our government failed to counter the negative spin, those jobs will be added to the growing mountain on this Prime Minister's head. He doesn't need that. More importantly, the country doesn't need that. So Mr. Prime Minister, please make good on your election slogan and stand up for Canadian health care.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Post! Where is the Prime Minister while Canada's reputation is under attack?

Anonymous said...

Our health care system sucks. We should privatize it! Can't wait for Harper and Hudak to get majorities.

wilson said...

''Why is it, that when the topic of Canadian health care comes up, he's no longer interested in talking to Fox News?''

Aaron, why would PMSH wade into American politics? It's not our fight.

Our healthcare system does need reform, without the scare mongering that goes with the debate.
The US debate, hopefully, will encourage reform here.

Canadian companies, thru Worker's Comp, cue jump.
BC, Alberta and Quebec (others too ?) allow private clinics.
The Courts have ruled that not allowing a patient to 'buy' his/her own health services is against the Charter.

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