Monday, July 27, 2009

The Continuing Follies of the EU

The EU has decided to ban Canadian seal products on the grounds that well, seals are really cute. It is depressing that the largest trading bloc on the planet makes decisions in this manner. Then again, this shouldn't be surprising from an organization which has an ongoing policy of banning things that might someday be considered unsafe. I won't even get into the unbelievable hypocrisy being exercised by countries like Spain whose dubious/illegal fishing practices make the commercial seal hunt a virtual necessity. Screw economics, seals are cute. Minister Day, don't you dare sign a free trade agreement with the EU until this absurd ban is lifted.

Won't Somebody Save the Sea-Kitten?


Anonymous said...

.The problem is, they do not use the humane way of kiling those poor things.

the idea is the are eatinf all of our Cod..wrong it is man that deos yhrh

The sealers do not kill the poor animals humanely.
They club them and that is so cruel.If the government thinks they shoot them, they are wtrong.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the information on the seal hunt is they tend to track the worst scenarios and the worst places. Most of the research on seal hunt is done at the Saint Laurence seal hunt that represents less than 30% of Canada's seal hunt.

The majority of the seal hunt is done off the coasts of Newfoundland and there are few studies produced using this part of the seal hunt.

If you were to do a study of the 30% of the pig-products industry in places that had the weakest of livestock infrastructure you'd find similar results.

People don't go after traditional livestock animals however because pigs aren't considered cute animals.
Hint hint: seals stop being infants at 12 days and are able to take care of themselves after that. Stating that they're still babies (vague slang term for human children between birth and toddler) is misinformation at its best.

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