Thursday, July 09, 2009

Harper Hands Out Stimulus... For Italy

Five million for earthquake reconstruction in Aquilla. I suppose there's nothing wrong with helping out a community down on its luck. I do find it a little interesting that this is the first time Harper decided to announce the moneys. Apparently, it took a few months and a photo-op for the money to be worth spending. I wonder if the Prime Minister will get his name on a plaque.

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WesternGrit said...

Not that it's bad to help people in need... anywhere... but... What's with providing "aid" for a 1st World country, and a member of the EU, when we're cutting funding to Africa and South Asia??? Most of the current world "problems" are brewing in the region between the South Atlantic and the East China Sea... and yet, we constantly don't get the fact straight.

Stable homes and environments in those impoverished regions is FAR more important to our own stability than helping a fellow "conservative" leader with some minor funding...

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