Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick Hits Before the Weekend

Some quick thoughts before the weekend:
  • The suspense is killing me. Okay, not killing me but I am mildly interested to know who the new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario is going to be. Too bad we have to wait until Saturday.
  • I love that "hiking the Appalachian Trail" is now a sexual euphemism. Seriously, cross Gov. Sanford off the 2012 list. Was I the only one both awed and confused by his explanation of what sin is and how the bible helps us to not sin. I didn't realize selfishness was the deadliest sin of all.
  • We should take a minute to remember the service that Romeo LeBlanc gave to this country. Canada lost a giant this week.
  • The Liberal poll numbers are down again. Um... yeah, this is why you don't jump to the polls every time your numbers go up a point. Seriously, I need help finding us enough seats to form government right about now. We need a seismic shift in Ontario and I don't see it before the next election.
  • NDP Mayor of Toronto + Conservative Federal Government = One botched streetcar project. Somebody needs to tell David Miller the one about putting all his eggs in one basket. Somebody needs to tell John Baird to watch his tongue.
  • Speaking of Miller, I just love that our Mayor has decided to play politics with the garbage strike. Miller needs to prove himself a centrist by standing up to the big bad garbagemen, so the city gets to stink for a few weeks. I guess the Mayor's political prospects are more important than making the city look decent for Toronto's summer festivals which begin in earnest this weekend with the Pride parade. Hey your worship, I've got yet another ad campaign for you: "Come to Toronto: The Stinkiest Place on Earth." We need a mayor that puts the city and its industries ahead of political gamesmanship.
  • The greatest hypocrisy in the whole thing is one of the main reasons the garbage collectors are so reviled in Toronto is because of the big shift in garbage collection that Toronto just endured. That shift of course was initiated by Miller in his continuing futile attempt to avoid incineration. So people are angry about garbage because of Miller's garbage plan so he tries to channel that anger by pitting himself in a war against the garbage collectors. This is just too rich.
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