Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Expected Yet Unexpected

That's the only way I can think of to describe the election results from last night. Yes, everyone thought that the NDP was going to win in Nova Scotia and Creigh Deeds was going to be nominated in Virginia when they woke up yesterday morning. However, a few months ago such a possibility would have been viewed as remote. The NDP knocking off the Tories isn't particularly shocking because the Tories lost, only that the NDP has found itself in government in the Maritimes. It marks just the second NDP government east of Lake of the Woods. We'll see if they can do better than the first.

The more interesting election last night may have been the Democratic gubernatorial primary in Virginia. Former DNC Chairman and Clinton loyalist, Terry McCauliffe had been the front runner until about a month ago when his poll numbers plummeted. Frankly, I can't say I'm unhappy to see Terry McCauliffe get his butt kicked. The man was a disaster as DNC Chairman.

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