Friday, November 21, 2008

A Fact Checker is a Beautiful Thing

I know this is from yesterday's star, but I just noticed it. Bob Hepburn is arguing in favour of one-member-one-vote. He makes is argument in part by arguing that:

"Indeed, the Liberals are the last major political party in Canada and the United States to still pick its leader this way."

Um... Bob... I know making sweeping statements can be fun but you need a serious American civics lesson. Yes, millions of Americans voted in the Democratic primary. This doesn't mean that they actually chose the Democratic nominee. That was done in Denver by the DELEGATES to the Democratic National CONVENTION. Remember the whole Super Delegate nonsense? Remember the roll call VOTE? In fact, the Liberals choose their nominee in almost an identical fashion to the Democrats. The only difference is that our primary happens over one weekend instead of over five months. It's really depressing that newspaper editors don't even bother to check the so-called facts that appear in their newspapers anymore.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

Anonymous said...

I know making sweeping statements can be fun... but sometimes people say silly things.

I'm sure a few newspapers are actually checking their facts.

Post was great until the hyperbole kicked in, I'm sure with no sense of irony.

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