Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bob the Chameleon

Bob Rae's shift on The Green Shift is almost comedic. You see campaign Bob said this when asked about The Green Shift when it was being attacked by Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall:

"we have to be realistic and put a price on pollution"

Contrast this with leadership candidate Bob now saying:

"Rae said the Green Shift was pursued without applying common sense, good judgment or the daily experience of ordinary people. "Politics is not about philosophy or theory," he said in an interview with Canwest News Service."

Apparently being "realistic", doesn't involve "common sense, good judgment or the daily experience of ordinary people". Now, I understand the good soldier argument. Here's the problem, Rae could have taken the route taken by his opponents saying that the policy was rejected by the voters and moved the party too far away from its centrist roots. Valid criticisms that one can make given the election results without sounding like a hypocrite. Instead Mr. Rae is saying "don't believe anything I said on the campaign trail, I was just doing the bidding of M. Dion." Why should we believe you now Bob?


WesternGrit said...

Sometimes one can be "too good" a "retail politician"...

Anonymous said...

Both Ignatieff and LeBlanc, who of course both also campaigned on the Green Shift, have disavowed it and said it won't be in their platform.

Bob has been clearest about ensuring climate change action remains a clear top priority.

Let's not forget - Bob has a lifetime of experience on environmental issues. He was working to keep Canada green back when Dominic was barely out of grade school and Michael was in some foreign television studio

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