Tuesday, July 08, 2008

You Know They're Serious

When they make commitments for a point in the future when they are unlikely to be alive. Shit, the normal way to make a commitment you have no intention of keeping is to put it off 10-15 years when you're going to be out of office. This whole 2050 crap shows just how far we are from having an international agreement on climate change with some teeth.


Johnathon said...

Libranos like to think they are part of the "international" community.

Seeing how 8 of the worlds leading countries signed the same agreement, surely you can't deny it was an "international" agreement.

Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

It seems. to me that by 2050 it is not much. Countries like England and Germany, will hav done more by 2050, (in fact they are well on there way now,) so, they do not mind signing on. amd Bush and will be gone next year and the rest do not care because they will be so old or dead by then.
When it gets down to it, the old applies to all of them..too old to care. It is a damn good laugh !!!!

Aaron Ginsberg said...

Jonathon, the last three words of the post seem relevant here: with some teeth. As much as I love empty symbolism, the carbon crisis isn't going to go away on its own. Furthermore, the G8 are only a small part of the international cooperation required on this issue.

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