Friday, July 25, 2008

Jim Flaherty Still Can't Balance a Budget

The man who left the Ontario budget in tatters when he was booted out of office, is beginning to show his handiwork federally. You mean if you tax less and spend more, you're going to run a deficit? What a shock! All sarcasm aside, this is terrible news for the country. M. Dion we quite literally cannot afford another Conservative budget. Bring down this fiscally irresponsible government as soon as humanly possible.


Lizt. said...

Flahery is really lucky.. He will pay that down with the 4, or so billions from the auction Prentence had

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that Mr. Flaherty won his riding in the 2003 provincial election. And in winning the Oshawa-Whitby riding in the 2006 federal vote, he unseated the Liberal incumbent. He personally was hardly "booted from office".

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