Sunday, July 27, 2008

FV for Guelph

I spent the majority of Saturday helping out the Frank Valeriote campaign in Guelph. Great turnout by the young Liberals. We dropped a lot of literature which will hopefully help to further introduce Frank to the fine people of Guelph (he's apparently already been around once pre-writ). Scott and William have the pictures. Yes, by the way, we were bussed in. I don't really see the problem seeing as it is an important by-election and no one ever claimed we were locals. I believe plans are in the works for a lit drop or canvas after the end of Summer Fling in a couple of weeks. I hope that a lot of the young liberals attending that event will join me in giving another hand to the Valeriote campaign. A Liberal government is impossible unless we hold on to seats like Guelph.

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