Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stelmach's Big Win

Alberta has delivered a landslide for Ed Stelmach. The PC's won 72 out of 83 seats. The Conservatives even broke into the Liberal stronghold of Edmonton. This was a disastrous night for Kevin Taft. There is no other way to put it. Stelmach should have been beatable or at least woundable. Stelmach instead won a massive victory. Why? You've got me. I don't have enough knowledge of Albertan politics to explain this result. Even Albertans seem confused. The one party state is alive and well in Alberta. After all, Ed Stelmach: The Same Thing Albertans Can Believe In.


Oldschool said...

Albertans, by and large, do not buy into the views of the "progressive left" . . . that you can't succeed on your own, without help from us!!!
This is why Ontario is a disaster . . . tax and spend provincial and federal govts have burdened industry and individuals.
Alberta on the other hand, has no personal income tax, no sales tax.
Albertans still believe that hard work, personal responsibility and core values equal success!!!
Neither the NDP or Liberals understand this . . . hopefully the rest of Canada will try to be more like Alberta . . . rather than the hand out, poor me crowd they are now!!!

candu said...

All the results should be checked and a hand count implemented. This unexpected win cannot happen unless the Diebold scanners are hacked as in the US. The makers of the scanners are sold by Christian right wing republican wingnuts. They promote neo con governments. If democracy is important, have the ballots recounted by hand in ridings where the results are a surprise. If the vote is allowed to stand without scrutiny we can kiss democracy good by.

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