Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Buzz About Buzz

There is a rumour out there that Buzz Hargrove is considering running for the Liberals in my home riding of Toronto-Danforth. First, I really don't believe it. I find it highly unlikely that Hargrove would want to run for the Liberals in a riding like Toronto-Danforth. The NDP wins in Toronto-Danforth by appealing to champagne socialists not Rosie Riveter. There are just not that many CAW workers in the riding. While Hargrove may not be as unpopular as Sid Ryan, the CUPE head and perennial NDP candidate in Oshawa, there is no proof that he is adored by the general public. On a more personal note, let me say this. If he runs in what is now an open nomination contest, I won't vote for him. If he is appointed by M. Dion, I won't work for him. There are plenty of contests that could use an extra volunteer (Gerard Kennedy's run against Peggy Nash comes to mind) and I'm sure Buzz will get along without me. I want Jack Layton out as much as the next Grit, perhaps more, but I don't want to send another NDPer up to Ottawa in his place.


Anonymous said...

If you read Susan Delacourt's blog - the rumour in NOT true.

Angelo Perschillili, who is an admitted conservatvie leaning journalist, wrote this garbage - he has also been on a constant attack against Dion.

Perschillili obviously is NOT to be trusted as a journalist, nor is Mike Duffy

Anonymous said...

He would be running less to win and more to challenge Jack.

Its not such a bad idea.

I tkeeps Layton busy. We could use some NDP votes.

Ron said...

I remember several years ago reading about a rumour that a well know NDPer was considering switching to the Liberals and running -- many laughed and said no way. I, myself thought it was too far out to be believable. I apologize to that journalist/rumour spreader he/she was right - oh - the NDPer in the rumour was Bob Rae.

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