Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't Appoint Candidates

That's the message loud and clear tonight. Now, Cherniak's out ahead of this one saying that Martha was appointed in Willowdale. That is technically correct but the appointment was preemptive and popular within the riding association. Martha probably could have won an open nomination race, the appointment just made things easier. Saskatchewan's a different kettle of fish. There was a very popular candidate out there. In all likelihood, in a democratic race Joan Beatty wouldn't have been the nominee. By-elections are all about local politics and the ability of the individual to represent the constituency in Ottawa. A nomination race gives the illusion at very least of a grassroots candidate. An appointed candidate gives the impression that he or she will represent Ottawa to the riding instead of the other way around. Beyond the loss tonight, the nomination battle in Saskatchewan has placed one of our best organizers in that province, David Orchard, outside of our big tent. There is no reason to appoint a candidate for a nomination. If a candidate can't win a nomination battle, they are unlikely to do well in a competitive election. Democracy starts at home.


burlivespipe said...

Good point. This should give Dion third-thoughts on making one of these quick appointments.
Beatty was actually a strong candidate but the conditions were all wrong. Had she ripped up her NdP card and decided to run for the nomination she'd have looked much stronger. She probably would have lost to Orchard, but as you note, at least the grassroots would have spoken.
Will she run again? Doesn't look like we did her any favours, really.

Marsha said...

I completely disagree!

Paul Martin was appointed! So was Stephane, Martha, Bob Rae, and the disgraceful guy in Vcvr.

The problem with Sask-North was NOT an appointment, but the 11th hour appointment AFTER telling the other candidates and the country that he would NOT interfere.

If Stephane had appointed immediately, instead of leading his own soldier in error, none of this would have happened.

I find it overly simplistic to blame this loss solely on appointments.

Anonymous said...

To correct Marsha.

Bob rae, Paul Martin and Stephane Dion were all elected at nomintaion metings in their Ridings.

Bob and Stephane both faced opponents for their nominations. Paul Martin was uncontested.

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