Friday, October 26, 2007

Sorbara's Out!

Didn't see this coming. Get out while you're on top, I guess. Strange. Really didn't see this coming.


Canajun said...

The timing does seem odd though. I mean, why would you go through all the grief and aggravation of running in an election (by every account an extremely stressful endeavour) only to up and quit 3 weeks later?
Were the Liberals concerned about losing the seat if it came up for grabs?
Curious minds want to know.

Anonymous said...


What you could see coming was that crack by John Tory about the average IQ of cabinet. Imagine his splutterings of indignation if McGuinty had commented on the IQ of the Tory caucus as a result of the loss of Hmmm...Joe Tascona.
Tory should heed Coyle in the Star today.
I can't fathom why this....
"Encountering a sympathetic voter while campaigning door-to-door in London West this week, Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory asked her if she would put a "small" sign on her front lawn. She agreed.
As he stepped away from the house, Tory turned and chuckled to the entourage of media following him: "You always ask them if they want a small sign," he said, "but then you come back with a big one and say you ran out of small ones.""

Toronto Star
Sep 29, 2007

Imagine breaking a promise to a voter and them lying about it!
Tory is having is own 'Sally Field's moment'...they really love me.
The sign story above and the IQ comment say a lot about why Tory lost his seat and the election.
The man is totally overrated as a (hu)man and a politician. In fact he is a serial loser in contrast to Sorbara a war-horse and pricipaled politician who worked hard to get to and at Finance

Andy said...

Anonymous ... Mr. Tory made a joke about lawn signs and another one the point of which was to say that a retiring cabinet minister was a bright man. Perhaps he didn't phrase his compliment to Mr. Sorbara in the perfectly polished way he might have had he hunkered down with speechwriters for a week prior to replying, but who really cares? Presumably Mr. McGuinty also thought that Mr. Sorbara was one of his smartest ministers, given the portfolio he held, and I would imagine that the Liberals are feeling a bit shocked at the moment precisely because people of Sorbara's ability aren't easy to come by in their caucus, or in any other caucus for that matter.

If I might say so, such melodramatically indignant offence-taking is turning people off politics far more than any voting system. APIL is an excellent blog because despite the (apparently) relative youth of the proprietor it sticks to ideas and avoids the tedious politics of personality.

Anonymous said...

Andy, No. What is apparently turning people off politics is the likes of your bud J. Tory, who says much about changing political discourse and then resorts to smart-ass 'inside baseball' "jokes" about lying to his supporters.
And if he had to have a speech writer compose a gracious comment about a departing cabinent minister, well perhaps he should have instead of letting his mouth get ahead of his brain. Which may (in small part)explain why voters did what they did on Oct 10 and that will contribute to, the agreed thoughful analysis on APIL's bog, the analysis of outcome of the Ont election. To a large part the negativity of his campaighn lost Tory his seat and the election. Seems he didn't learn much as illustrated by this, again negative, smart-ass IQ crack.
Well who really cares. Well leadership matters and so does what you say and how you say it.

Andy said...

Polls throughout the campaign showed that voters like John Tory, as they should, and as they should personally like Mr. McGuinty as well. They are both people that we should consider fortunate to have in public life, given the abuse that anyone in politics is subjected to. To call Mr. Tory's joke about lawn signs "lying to a supporter" and draw such damning conclusions from it only exemplifies the wildly excessive partisanship and (even worse) utter humorlessness of the times. The reaction that seems to be called for is the sort of "controlling" politics that we see from Harper, where no one ever says anything ... it is not hard to see where that is coming from.

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