Friday, October 05, 2007

MMP at PEI levels in latest poll

The most recent poll from SES research on MMP breaks down as follows:

FPTP: 47%
MMP: 26%
Unsure: 21%
Not Voting: 5%

If we only look at decided voters:

FPTP 64.3%
MMP: 35.7%

If these polls are accurate the threshold is going to prove quite irrelevant. A strange note: more than twice as many women identify as being unsure then men. 29% of women v. 13% of men. Does this go back to the whole men being more confident in making decisions with incomplete information thing?


Saskboy said...

You meant 'than' not 'then'.

I hope your post is just spin, because MMP would be really beneficial to our democracy, in the same way it's been to most of the democratic world.

Andy said...

Most of the democratic world has MMP? Then why do we only ever hear about one tiny country tucked away down somewhere off the Antarctic coast?

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