Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's Go!

Stephane Dion made it very clear the conditions he wanted to support the throne speech. Harper has refused to meet those conditions. Time to bring down this government.


Anonymous said...

I agree. If Dion wants to be a leader, now is the time to lead. The Conservatives have become the dirtiest party in history, politicking since day one with very little actual governing. We should all be very afraid if Stephen Harper ever gets a majority.
Dion needs to show Liberals will not back down and will fight for Canada. Instead of passively sitting back and deflecting jabs, Dion had better start vigorously challenging the PM and make himself
Harper's worst nightmare.
If the Liberals get their act together, the Conservative weary public will come knocking, in droves.

CuriosityCat said...

Harper has given Dion the best platform Dion can run on: saving the earth.

If Dion votes for the Throne Speech, he will never get the same chance to play to his strength in an election as he has today.

Dion should vote Harper out of power, along with the Bloc and NDP (so that the opposition parties can say that MPs representing two thirds of all MPs disagreed with teh direction the government wished to take Canada).

Accept the challenge, Mr. Dion, and lead your party into battle.

Andy said...

"Saving the Earth" is seriously going to be the Liberal campaign theme? It looks like fun blogging for the next few months in that case.

Andy said...

So much for being very clear. Maybe he needs some sort of personalized Clarity Act.

I do feel sorry for him. But he's been in politics quite a long time now and I would have thought that his instincts would be better. Ignatieff seems to have learned a lot more a lot faster.

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