Monday, June 25, 2007

No Flip-Flops on the BBQ circuit M. Dion!

Stephane Dion is suddenly wondering what exactly constitutes that nation he voted for last winter. M. Dion twisted himself into a pretzel to vote for the Quebec nation resolution in the run up to the convention and now apparently has buyer's remorse. I am not too much of a partisan to admit when my leader makes a gaffe and this is a big one. Dion's a former sociology professor who's spent his life dealing with Quebec nationalism. How on earth did he not get this right the first time?!?! Yes, M. Dion the resolution is flawed. So why in God's name did you and so many other Liberals vote for it? The old axiom "better late than never" does not apply here. M. Dion screwed up and now he looks like he's trying to have it both ways. Heaven help us in Quebec in the next election.


CuriosityCat said...

The bulk of Liberal Party support in Quebec comes from Anglophone and Allophone supporters.

What Dion seemed to be trying to obtain clarity from Harper on, was whether Harper thought such voters were included in the resolution the House passed.

Harper has never clearly stated his views on this issue; his party is split on it; and Dion's past position has been fairly clear - although heaven knows why the Liberals allowed Harper to sucker them into the thing in the first place!

If Harper says the House motion only applies to Franophones, he will annoy those voters in Quebec who are excluded.

If Harper says it is wider, he will annoy the Francophones.

This little question of Dion's is a hand grenade, with its pin just pulled out - yet again.

Wait for it ...

Dan McKenzie said...

Not really sure it's a flip-flop. I guess the point is, he voted in favor of it and now he wantes to make sure that it means what he thinks it means. I guess... it's a difficult issue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Toronto, Ontario
M Dion has always and continues to support that Quebecois are a nation in the sociological sense.
PM Harper and his minions however have been very inconsistent and offending of the same.
Time for some clarity, SVP!

aginsberg said...

The time for clarity was in the fall. Quebec (not health care) is the third rail of Canadian politics. M. Dion should no better than to play with fire (sorry for the mixed metaphor).

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