Thursday, June 21, 2007

Toronto's Garbage Plan: Tax the Poor

The city of Toronto has announced a new levy on garbage. The New Democrat controlled council is trying to make the city more green. The new plan is a disaster. The plan works as follows. Every household will buy a trash bin. The smallest size (about one bag of garbage every two weeks) is free after rebate and then the bins get more and more expensive up to $150 a year. In addition any garbage that can't be fit into the containers will cost residents somewhere between $2.50 and $3 (notwithstanding four 'free' bags a year). So why is this such a bad idea? Well, apparently the NDP have forgotten their progressive roots because this is probably the most regressive tax a government has imposed in a long time. There is no accommodation made for large households. In other words, a single stock broker pays nothing while the immigrant family with 5 kids and the grandparents living at home pays through the nose. The tragedy is that Toronto is already one of the most garbage-conscious places on earth. There are few if any jurisdictions that do as much waste diversion as Toronto. However, residents can do little about excessive, non-recyclable packaging which fills our garbage bags. This kind of well-intentioned idiocy is par for the course with David Miller, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


knb said...

I understand what you are suggesting, but when you say,
However, residents can do little about excessive, non-recyclable packaging which fills our garbage bags.
I disagree. We can NOT buy those products.

That said, we are only a family of 2. We put garbage out about every 4 weeks, because we are careful to recycle and buy accordingly. Yeah, I know it's hard. I've picked up items and see the waste, then put them back.

I'm sorry, unless, through our buying patterns we don't start insisting that packaging be done differently, things won't change.

We have to start somewhere and while I don't agree with Miller on all issues, I think this one makes sense.

Change usually causes discomfort. The problem is we are too comfortable right now.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I guess you won't mind taking my extra garbage pail off my hands then?

Indeed packaging companies are largely to blame, but Miller's 'plan' is still idiotic.

Tag systems have been implemented elsewhere that are revenue neutral. I guess those systems are too good for Dave.

This is a tax grab. Period. Under the guise of protecting the environment. You've been fooled knb.

Roberrific said...


Roberrific said...

I think the new garbage plan is fantastic. It punishes big polluters in the pocket book.

The real tragedy is watching tonnes of trash get trucked 500 miles south to a Michigan landfill site.

Fuel Ghoul

Kim Alexis said...

I loved that photo so much I used it in my blog! But I gave you credit for it!! Check me out
I also talk about the garbage in a different rant, keep up the good samaritan work!

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