Friday, December 01, 2006


I just watched Gerard Kennedy's speech courtesy of CPAC. I know I'm biased, but I was blown away. I first heard Kennedy speak at a rally in Toronto in May when I was still deciding who I was going to support. Back then, he had that great story about delivering food to the poor family and a great framework for what he was going to do, but he rambled and seemed to be all over the place. Tonight, he seemed on target and passionate. He was great. I really hope that whoever wins this leadership takes Gerard's ideas to heart. On renewal, he's dead on. On how to win the next election, he's dead on. He needs to be heeded even if he is not elected.

Some quick (generally lighter) thoughts on the speech:
  • I loved the dig at the MSM in the video.
  • I don't know who told Justin Trudeau to enunciate, but please someone, tell him to stop!
  • I was hoping for a Gerry! Gerry! chant a la Jerry Springer. The GK chant is fine, but when it mixed with the chants of Kennedy! Kennedy! it kind of sounded like JC, JC. A little too bible camp for my taste.
  • Whoever decided to put the Quebec flags waving in front of Kennedy's face knew what they were doing.

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