Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mayor Ford... Ugh

Quick thoughts from a quick election night:
  • I'm putting the over/under on strike days during Rob Ford's four years as mayor at 150 days
  • Toronto's political scene is going to have a giant hole without George Smitherman around
  • Jack Layton, leader of a federal party and would-be Prime Minister, spent his morning at a subway stop campaigning for a city council candidate in one of the smallest wards in Toronto. Yes, Mary Fragedakis won (thanks to a huge vote split from Jane Pitfield and Jennifer Wood), but really? Layton doesn't have better things to do?
  • Apparently, Jim Flaherty doesn't have anything better to do either. He was hanging out at the Ford victory party. Can we stop the charade and just have political parties in municipal politics in Ontario?
  • Sandra Bussin was humiliated. Some good news.
  • Paula Fletcher escaped. Not good news
  • Chantal Hebert should probably visit Mississauga. Hurricane Hazel is back. If you want to limit yourself to three cities and not count the two female mayors Toronto elected back-to-back in the 90's... Well, gosh darn, there are no female mayors.
  • Ms. McCallion was punished by the voters for her ongoing scandals receiving a paltry 76% of the vote.
  • Oh and Ms. Hebert forgot to mention that aside from Mme. Marois and Ms. James (who are near locks right now), Danielle Smith is seen as a strong contender to be the next premier of Alberta. So, if Alberta, BC and Qu├ębec all elect female premiers, will Chantal complain because Andrea Horwath loses in Ontario?
  • We need more women in politics but it doesn't help the cause when columnists make transparently weak cases for it.


CanadianSense said...

The fallout has not begun. Your guy won in Vaughan but Carolyn Parrish nemesis to Hazel had been sent packing.

Attacks without substance are losing their effectiveness. Fear mongering from the left has failed to dissuade the voters that Toronto can't thrive without an establishment approved pick in City Hall.

(This was a rebuke on those experts and soothsayers in politics and war rooms)

The Toronto Star has removed any doubt they were balanced in the race. That will hurt them with non-partisans going forward in other races. (Loss of credibility)

I disagree with your assertion Rob Ford can't improve Toronto. Will it be painless, nope.

After seven years with Dalton and revenue growing he won't have a leg to stand on. You are aware provincial Liberals are lowering corporate taxes?

The Green Energy Act and the repeated examples of failed oversight on taxpayers money will be tested at the next general election.

The AG will present a report on the Federal Government at 2:00pm. The press will be in lockup until 9:00 am - 1:45pm.This should be fun, the contrast of Conservative vs Liberals. (Oversight who is best at protecting the taxpayer)

CanadianSense said...

You cite a poll from 2004?

What was the population of Toronto in 2004? Same people or new people that did not experience the Trudeau mania?

Provincial Liberals in power for 7 years. Taxes and damning reports on waste. Same with Toronto.

Voters are not interested in funding the trips to Europe to collect Fossil Awards.

Wasteful spending, Taxation is a problem and Liberals are being held to account.

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