Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Garbage Fallout 2010 Rocco Rossi Edition

Rocco Rossi has finally realized that he has no chance of becoming Toronto's next mayor. Rossi's campaign was highlighted by excellent media savvy and lots of ideas (ranging in quality). Problem was nobody really knew who Rocco Rossi was. With Smitherman and Ford now apparently deadlocked in the polls, Rossi's departure from the race makes the race a lot simpler. Torontonians can vote for George Smitherman, they can vote for Rob Ford or they can throw their vote away and vote for Joe Pantalone. I think the choice is pretty obvious. Smitherman has been a men amongst boys (and Sarah Thompson) in this race and is the only person capable of leading Toronto into the next decade. You can vote for anger and vitriol or you can vote for a man of substance and character.

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Anonymous said...

"Smitherman has been a men amongst boys " others could take this as homophobic or suggesting pedophilia.

"You can vote for anger and vitriol or you can vote for a man of substance and character."
is this endorsing furious George or condeming him?

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