Monday, May 10, 2010

Clegg Looks For Coalition With Socialists and Separatists

The resignation this afternoon of Gordon Brown as Labour leader has fueled speculation that a deal may be possible which would see the Labour Party remain in government in coalition with Nick Clegg and the support of presumably one or more nationalist parties. Of course it is possible that Clegg is opening up negotiations with Labour in the hopes of winning concessions on what appear to be shockingly small stumbling blocks in a deal with the Tories. How exactly a Lib-Con coalition would vote on any sort of EU-related question is completely unimaginable.

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Anonymous said...

It is odd ;I agree. On the other hand it would be equally if not more troubling to have a PM that no one voted for. Since Brown has resigned it is difficult to believe that the new Labour leader could be given the title of PM.

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