Friday, April 10, 2009

A Mess of His Own Making

As much as I'd love Mulroney-Schreiber to be a relevant political scandal, it isn't. It really has nothing to do with Stephen Harper or his government. However, our Prime Minister has allowed his need for complete control to lead him right into the middle of the scandal. The Tories crazy Mulroney isn't really a Tory even though he was when he was Prime Minister thing makes it look like there's a reason for Stephen Harper to try distance himself from the former PM. Mulroney is a Tory today just as he was twenty years ago. The same cannot be said of our current Reform turned Canadian Alliance turned Conservative Prime Minister. Mulroney-Schreiber has as much to do with Stephen Harper as the sponsorship scandal has to do with Michael Ignatieff. However, Harper's attempts to delay and obfuscate the prosecution of Mulroney-Schreiber is Mr. Harper's scandal. Why on earth he felt compeled to do or say anything in respect to the case is beyond me. Harper's need for total control may have got him into office, but if he keeps handling problems like this one with an iron grip he will never get the majority he seeks.

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