Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Globe Maintains Opposition to STV

The editorial is here. I've been saying for a while that even if you want electoral reform you should not necessarily support BC-STV just because it is on offer. I disagree with the Globe on their preferred version MMP but I give them credit for being consistent in their views on electoral reform. It is refreshing to see consistency from an advocate of electoral reform.


Scott Tribe said...
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Scott Tribe said...

So, Aaron.. what exactly do you propose we have for electoral reform? Since you've so far rejected every other proposed voting model that is in use out there (MMP, STV), I'd like to hear what you think we should do for electoral reform, or if you even think electoral reform is necessary, and that the current system is hunky-dory.

A BCer in Toronto said...

That's the same editorial board that endorsed Stephen Harper.


Just saying, if you want to build a case against STV, the editorial board of the Globe isn't exactly the most persuasive ally.

Scott Tribe said...

Heh,Jeff, I think in Aaron's case, it would be him using the rationale "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

I'm sure if the National Post comes out with a rejection of STV, he'll be loudly proclaiming that here as well.

Aaron Ginsberg said...

Oh come on Scott, if any mainstream media endorses STV you'll trumpet it from the rooftops. Jeff the globe has endorsed Liberals and Tories in the past. The fact that they didn't endorse Dion or the sponsorship plagued Grits of 2006 speaks to our failures as a party (later reflected by the electorate) not an editorial bias against Liberals. Need I remind both of you that The Globe is the paper of Liberal party founding father George Brown?

Scott, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I support a French system of majoritarian two-round voting. At least in that system you get something for the added expense. Since I doubt anyone will spring for the expense of two election days, I support the current system as a fallback position. I disagree with the idea that proportionality is the single most important thing in an electoral system. It is a very low priority for me. Local representation and accountability are important to me and the current system provides that better than any other system on the table.

Mike said...

Then what's your problem with Instant-Run-off voting Aaron?

Isn't that better than the French two-round voting?

Matt Guerin said...

Check out this great ad with emphasize the weaknesses of Aaron's favourite electoral system First Past the Post.


I truly hope British Columbians are smart enough to dump our broken First Past the Post system and embrace fair voting finally in Canada!

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