Friday, February 06, 2009

It's A Hiring Opportunity, Right Mr. Harper?

129,000 jobs. More people lost their jobs in January than live in the city of Kingston, Ontario. 9.09% more Canadians are looking for work now then they were on New Year's Eve as the unemployment rate jumped from 6.6% to 7.2%. Mr. Harper you have failed this country. I agree that you cannot let a bad job reports stand in the way of an economic recovery program. However, Mr. Prime Minister you don't have one. We need a plan for Canada's economy today and tomorrow, you provide yesterday's answers. There is enough steak amid the sizzle of the budget to make it impossible for reasonable people to reject. We could not afford to wait for an election and a new budget process. You have thus been granted a lease on power, use it well. The country needs you to be the intelligent man you are capable of being. The country needs you to lead, sir. If you don't, there is an eminently qualified gentlemen at Stornoway who is ready to lead and has a team of bright men and women ready to govern. History will record your actions in the coming weeks, Prime Minister. Do yourself and your country proud.


janfromthebruce said...

There wouldn't have been an election - GG would have asked the official opposition party to form a govt and get confidence. The vast majority of constitutional experts said so, so this liberal meme is getting tiresome.
Too bad Iggy backed Harper and this budget so the liberals must have though it was good. So good, that the only amendment offered was quarterly budget reports, which was a laugh, considering the Cons have to provide them by law already. Complaining three days later having fully supporting this budget is feeble.

Aaron Ginsberg said...

Jan, give it up. There's only one constitutional opinion that matters: Mme Jean's. It was clear from her decision in December that she was reluctant to refuse a request from a Prime Minister. I also believe that the time wasted in the forming of a new government and the new negotiations around the budget would have been seriously damaging to the Canadian economy. Now is no time for partisan games. Canadians understood on October 15th that they elected a Conservative government and they expect their parliamentarians to try to make that work. This budget, while flawed, has important stimulus measures in it. There will be a time to hold Mr. Harper to account for his failures. It is important to ensure Canadians understand the guilt by omission that stains this government's record. However, the matter before the house was this year's budget. The Liberal Party thought the budget was good enough and voted accordingly. If it were a simple motion of non-confidence, who knows what the outcome may have been. Then it would be appropriate to talk about violations of the public trust and the failure to do anything for months in the face of mounting crisis. The question for the NDP and the Bloc is why do they oppose this budget?

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