Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flaherty Doesn't Want To Talk To Himself

All of a sudden our "this market is a buying opportunity" Conservative government is in an awful rush to spend money. See, Jim Flaherty wants to circumvent the normal process for the spending of government money. Now, traditionally budgets are screened and approved by the Treasury Board. It is possible that the President of the Treasury Board, Vic Toews, has a secret plan to prevent any of this stimulus money from getting out but I doubt it. I really doubt that the Treasury Board is that scary to Mr. Flaherty after all, he's a member. Yes, folks, Jim Flaherty doesn't want the stimulus to be delayed by Jim Flaherty. Who could blame him.

Side Note: The NDP's new source for all their ideas: the United States. Barack Obama is putting up a website to track the stimulus cash. The NDP want one too. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I'm just saying the Obama-envy is getting a little nauseating even for an Obama fan like myself.

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Phillip Huggan said...

Why wasn't this passed last fall??

Why weren't the porkiest tax cuts repealed to keep us in surplus. Conservatives plan to get out of deficit just when healthcare spending should ramp up. Right...

We have a Neocon fiscal policy and those young Canadians with ideas on how to spend future tax dollars are wasting efforts in this land.

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