Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Toronto-Danforth Votes NDP Out

The people of Toronto-Danforth showed their displeasure with their absentee MP tonight. After Jack backed out of a debate scheduled to try to accommodate Layton's schedule, the attendees of the debate blocked an attempt to have Peter Tabuns stand in for his comrade. City-TV has the video. Jack Layton apparently has forgotten that in Toronto-Danforth, local matters.


James Bowie said...

Andrew Lang is a great candidate. I think he has a real chance to beat Layton. He's been knocking on doors and campaigning on the ground since winter, and he has a great organization.

He and his wife Lisa have been using the Internet very effectively. They've got a great team and great visibility online. If anyone can beat the NDP leader in his last election before Thomas Mulcair takes over, it's Andrew Lang.

Carrie said...

Dion supporter here....according to my brother, who has a home in that riding, there is no way Layton won't win this riding. He's done a lot for them (so they say).

Lang is not viewed favourably because he said he wants to put in a WalMart and something else. It put off a lot of people. Since my brother is tapped into the area really well, I'm afraid Layton is going to hold this riding, even though he's an idiot.

Honestly, it drives me nuts, this riding in particular. I can't stand Layton. My brother can't stand this Liberal guy. We both like Elizabeth May, but she has no chance of beating Harper. Usually, my brother and I can't talk politics because we end up fighting. I told him about your post and he was surprised to learn that Layton didn't show up, but said "it won't matter. Layton is a lock here." My heart fell.

I'm usually smarter than my little brother ;) Hoping he's wrong this time too :) lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I smell a Liberal stunt in the air. I guess someone could have pulled the same stunt on Dion in St-Laurent--Cartierville too, but who other than Liberals would waste their breath and effort on flinging so much mud at their opponents. Can't you guys be gracious about anything?

Aaron Ginsberg said...

Carrie, you can tell your brother that Andrew Lang did not want a Wal-Mart on Eastern Avenue. He did think Mr. Layton's stand outside with a megaphone approach could have been improved. Andrew wanted to try to work within the system to get a more desirable result. Mr. Layton protested outside and complained when things didn't go his way.

Anonymous, this is no stunt. Riverdale Collegiate, where this debate was held, is in the heart of Jack Layton's stronghold in the riding. Layton did this to himself. He not only didn't show up, but lied to the organizers about his availability. Finally, we didn't stack the room. The largest number of supporters we had in the room was a decent contingent from Andrew's family. The people interviewed by City-TV have no affiliation with our campaign.

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