Monday, October 20, 2008

It Begins...

M. Dion has announced what has become inevitable over the last week, he will resign as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. I look forward to hearing from the field of candidates which will emerge over the next weeks and months. I will be looking for a candidate to tell me why she/he wants to be Prime Minister. What does he/she want to do as Prime Minister? In particular, I want to hear from a leader who will focus on the challenges which face Canada today and will face Canada in the future. I want to hear about how Canada can change its economy in the face of the new globalized economy. I want to hear how we are going to confront the impending demographic challenges which threaten to overwhelm our public health care system and other social welfare programs. I want to hear about how we are going to fix our immigration system to make it fairer and more effective. Finally, I still want to hear about how we are going to confront the climate crisis, only this time in a way that Canadians can support. The candidate who does this will have my support. Let the delightful dismemberment of the Liberal hopescape begin!


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Is Dion really going?

Perhaps he is looking for an opportunity to force an election. With confidence in himself fully in tact, another five or six months before the budget for Canadians to get to know him better and the possibility of a tough budget for 09/10, Dion is giving himself one last shot at electoral success.

And with Dion there, as opposed to an interim leader, the Tories can insert a poison pill into that budget and not be accused of thwarting democracy by fighting an unprepared opposition.

Another vote in the Spring!

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