Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Quick Thoughts

Some quick things to muse over for the weekend:

  • Are the people of York-Simcoe listening to what their MP is saying about their province? Whoever the Liberal nominee there is needs to pounce on this for the next election. Peter Van Loan may have just put himself in jeopardy of losing.
  • Nice to see Liberals doing better in national polls. Doesn't mean a thing though.
  • For that reason, no, Elizabeth May does not 'deserve' a place in the next debate. As I've said before, any party that wins seats should be in the debate. It's the standard that we've had for a long time. Win a seat, Greens, then we'll talk. One, out of writ poll does not entitles someone to a place
  • Hillary Clinton planting a question is really not a big deal. It's an old political trick that everyone uses. The fact that her plant wasn't loyal is embarrassing. There is a major difference between that and the fake FEMA press conference.
  • More Hillary, this is Hill-arious. I am kind of surprised that Bill's that front and centre.
  • Having just defended her, I will say that she needs to come out with some straightforward positions.
  • Sarkozy's attempts to fix France are interesting to watch. I hope for the sake of France he succeeds.
  • Kind of want to see "Redacted". Looks interesting.

1 comment:

Bailey said...

In York-Simcoe, the Liberals have nominated Judith Moses.

She seems like a good candidate.

Although, Van Loan did win with almost 48% of the vote last time, a full 17% higher than the Liberal candidate. That's a large gap to overcome.

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