Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For Less Than A Dollar a Day...

Don't worry.  I'm not trying to sell you insurance.  I'm trying to sell you on Karen Stintz's super-awesome new transit plan.  Yes for just $180 a year or $15 a month, Toronto could actually have a transit system worthy of the name.  Okay, I'd like more subways because no one ever gets on the subway and thinks, "Damn, wish this was an LRV!"  I also don't get the Scarborough subway that doesn't go through Scarborough Town Centre but rather just a little east of it.  But there's no point in quibbling with minor details.  There are new subways on this map including a very necessary downtown relief line and the extension of the Sheppard Abortion Subway out to Downsview.  There's also the re-insertion of the very necessary Lakeshore LRT and the extension of the Yonge line up to Steeles.  A whole lot of good. For 360 easy payments of $14.99, you too could have a transit system that works.  Ms. Stintz, I know you keep saying you aren't running for Mayor, but this is one hell of a platform.

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Anonymous said...

Plus another $10 billion from the Province (not forthcoming) and another $10 billion from the feds (also not forthcoming). Yep, that's a heckuva platform.

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