Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I Knew It Was A Bad Night When...

They announced the Liberals had lost Labrador. We've never lost Labrador. EVER. We've held Labrador since 1948. Mr. Ignatieff, the Mondale School of Failed Leadership called, they have an opening for you.


les s. said...


That might just have something to do with it.

Symptomatic of the sense of entitlement behind that statement is the fact that you didn't know that you couldn't have held Labrador since 1948, since Newfoundland and Labrador didn't (in questionable circumstances, but that's another story) become part of Canada until 1949.
Your sense of indignance at having this pointed out may be another symptom.

Anonymous said...


Aaron Ginsberg said...

The downfall of the Liberal Party clearly was typos. Yes, you are absolutely right 49. A fact Todd Russell was I'm sure aware of.

Aaron Ginsberg said...

Wait a second. Pardon my indignance - or well I assume you meant indignation - but what about my post in which I lambasted my own leader and pointed out the scale of the Liberal collapse, makes you think that I believe for one second the natural governing party bull*&$# that comes out of some corners of my party. By the way, we both have our facts wrong. Apparently, the Tories won the riding in 68. So it is once since 49.

Todd Russell's defeat in Labrador is I'm sure a combination of a lot of things. The Lower Churchill deal finally getting done may be top of the list. My point stands whether it was never since 48 or once since 49. The Liberals carried the riding through sweeps by Diefenbaker and Mulroney. They even carried it through a by-election at the height of the sponsorship scandal when all three federal parties spent more time and paid more attention to Labrador than they probably ever have in the 62 years since Joey Smallwood dragged Newfoundland and Labrador into Confederation. Given that history, it rang alarm bells for me that Todd Russell had lost.

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