Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dead on the Order Paper

A list of bills that die when the writ is dropped follows. A remarkable number of these bills are becoming like Kenny on South Park, dead repeatedly:
  • C4 - Tougher sentencing on violent young offenders
  • C8 - Canada- Jordan Free Trade Agreement - I think this is dead for the third time
  • C10 - Senate Term Limits - Remember when Harper believed in Senate Reform?
  • C12 - Electoral reform to rejig provincial weights to reflect population - also a Kenny - now running out of time before the census comes out
  • C15 - Liability in the case of a nuclear accident - okay downright eerie
  • C16 - House Arrest Not Tough On Crime, Tories Tough on Crime... got that?
  • C17 - More Tough on Crime
  • C18 - Increase voter participation - maybe we should have gotten this passed this BEFORE having an election
  • C19 - Also election related. Candidates will be able to get loans to pay for their campaigns because this bill is dead on the order paper as well.
  • C21 - This bill is actually called Standing Up for Victims of White Collar Crime... when the Senate stands up, it dies
  • C22 - ISPs and Child Porn
  • C23 - see C16, in this case forgiveness (in the form of pardons) is no longer in keeping with conservative Christian values
  • C25 - Land use in Nunavut
  • C26 - Don't tell the council of Canadians this one died... fresh water protection
  • C27 - Wheat Board Reform - potential sleeper issue?
  • C32 - OMG they killed Copyright reform, those bastards!
  • C46 - Canada - Panama Free Trade Agreement - the Harper government must hold the record for most free trade deals killed on the order paper... at least they got the Colombia deal done this time
  • C49 - Smugglers, you know Iggy's buddies
  • C57 - Interprovincial trade
The list goes on. See in spite of appearances, politicians actually do make important decisions. Most of the above bills are far from perfect. It matters who gets to introduce legislation. It matters who passes bills.

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