Friday, January 14, 2011

Strange Weekend News

Quick run down of things catching my eye this weekend:
  • Revolution in an Arab North African country... this could be really good or well, awful
  • On a lighter note, archaeologists appear to have found Noah's stash. No I don't think this is actually a biblical cave but it is eerily close to Mount Ararat.
  • John Stewart's pick for the RNC Chair has won election. Frankly, this may be a poisoned chalice. The RNC hasn't been able to fundraise effectively for about five years. The GOP's inability to get cash may be the most under-reported political news story out there.
  • I didn't know it was possible to not be able to sell real estate in Vancouver.
  • Is it me or is Rob Ford starting to like the taste of gravy, or at least the sound of trains?
  • With the French Socialist party a fading force and Sarkozy increasingly unpopular, this is scary.
  • Andrew Coyne wants the government to track your every movement. Apparently, Big Brother is way better than a little bit of traffic.
  • When you cry wolf too often, you tend to lose some sheep. I'm increasing convinced that the World Health Organization may be a detriment to humanity.

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Anonymous said...

American’s are starting to wake up, would crush Mitt Romney 51% to 38%,Mike Huckabee by a similar margin, 50-38 percent and And he’d crush Miss Palin by 56-30 percent

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