Saturday, July 17, 2010

Haper's Summer of Fiscal Austerity Continues

Stephen Harper lectured the world this June on the importance of governments reigning in soaring deficits. I guess this is another "do as I say, not as I do" type of thing for the Prime Minister. Harper's belt tightening expenditures now include billions for new boats for the navy, $1 billion plus for G8/G20 security complete with a fake lake, and the latest: a 9 billion dollar no-bid contract to Lockheed Martin for fighter jets. At least the boats and G8/G20 security provided jobs for Canadians. Lockheed has a tiny (given the size of the company) operation in Canada with just 600+ of its 136,000 employees based in Canada. Why on earth did they get a no-bid contract? All of this wasteful spending will surely counteract any deficit reduction gained by the unexpected strength of the Canadian economy. I don't understand how these people can call themselves Conservatives.


WesternGrit said...

How'd they get a "no bid" contract? Look at the ties of some of the cabinet. Closely. See who owes who favors. Look for links in Defence, and south of the border.

We do need these fighters, of course, because of the fighters the Taliban have. Oh really? They don't have any fighters? They don't have planes at all? No tanks you say? What do they fight with? 1940s WW2 Era Kalashnikovs? You don't say. What about the nuts in the Middle East? They don't have air forces?

Don't we have any other enemies? The Russians, maybe? Oh... They're our allies now. They fought along side us in the Gulf. Oh. We use their bases. Oh. How about the Chinese? They're red. They're commies. Yup. They also keep our and the US's economies afloat (along with most of Western Europes'). Oh. Can't we just fight 'em anyways? That DOES seem to be what Harper wanted (with his earlier statements about China).

We need some sort of enemy to justify these purchases in the deepest darkest of recessions, don't we? How about aliens? We need to bomb someone. What do you mean these planes can't bomb anyone? They're pure "fighters". Meant for air-to-air combat with other similar fighters... But no-one supposedly has any fighters like this. I guess we'll just park them and fly them over football games...

Kinda like giant dicks in the sky... Just like if Harper got to buy his Camaro (to justify a lack of something..)...

That's it!!! The fighters are just the Conservatives' insecurities about penis size. That's gotta be it...

CanadianSense said...

The deal was begun by JC 10 years ago, not sure if you have checked the facts. This is a joint effort with nine nations (allies). We are part of a cooperative at the estimate is around $ 9 Billion for the purchase. The Liberals already invested $ 400 million. This is a long term procurement and not a decision entered into last week by a single government. It is a shame after the Sea King fiasco, some in the Liberal camp have not learned any lessons. H1N1 fearmongering, sole supplier fiaso backfired, this should not be repeated.

We paid for strategic lift and did not rent Russian airplanes and arrived in Haiti within 24 hours.

This government has shifted military spending in new equipment and Ignatieff praised the U.S and Britain in 2005 Trinity College Ireland.

This should be uniting us in upgrading our military and providing them with the best equipment.

The Federal Gov't is referring to transfers to provinces in the largest programs. We have capped our Foreign Aid to $ 5 billion and have nearly $ 3 Billion for maternal health?

This government has not followed the previous gov't in cutting into Health, Education and Social Services or the EI fund to balance the books. They are looking to slow the growth.

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