Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Empty Symbolism Hour is Back

Remember Earth Hour? It's back. In honour of Earth Day? Week? Month? Fortnight?, people around the world will sit in the dark for sixty minutes. This is somehow supposed to stop global warming or raise awareness of people's personal ability to stop global warming or something like that. It is a real shame that the environmental movement is leading the climate change fight. This movement is filled with professional protesters and very few pragmatic politicians. What we need is a binding international treaty with some teeth. Without that no amount of people power is going to stop global warming. No amount of people sitting in the dark is going to make countries make the tough choices they need to make to avert climate change. All this stunt accomplishes is to provide the average person out there a false sense that they've done their part. The sooner Earth Hour and the other Movement stunts are gone from the debate, the sooner we'll have a chance to stop climate change.

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