Thursday, January 14, 2010

Projection Update: January 2010

With a few polls out, we have what I would consider the bare minimum to run a projection. A little drop in the polls for the Tories results in a drop in their projection. André Arthur is a winner in this projection.


CPC 134
LPC 87
BQ 52
NDP 34

Province by Province:

BC: CPC 19, NDP 11, LPC 6
AB: CPC 28
SK: CPC 13, LPC 1
MB: CPC 10, NDP 3, LPC 1
North: CPC 1, LPC 1, NDP 1
ON: LPC 46, CPC 45, NDP 15
PQ: BQ 52, LPC 15, CPC 7, IND 1
NB: CPC 6, LPC 3, NDP 1
NS: LPC 5, CPC 4, NDP 2
NL: LPC 5, CPC 1, NDP 1

Seat Projection

Riding Ratings

1 comment:

CanadianSense said...

Thank you.

I am not too excited because the LPOC does not want to pull the plug meme.

( I am still hoping they refuse to support the CPC throne speech) and force the Bloc/NDP to do it! a
What are the odds of LPOC being sneaky and strategic?

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