Friday, December 04, 2009

Harper Should Stand Up for Canadian Values

The Ugandan parliament is considering a bill to criminalize homosexuality. In fact, they want to make it punishable by life in prison. The death penalty is also on the table. This is in blatant contradiction of Canadian values. Canadian values govern our aid efforts all over the world. At least they're supposed to. If this bill is passed, which would be disastrous, the Canadian government must cut off aid funding to Uganda. While it may not be fair to the people of Uganda, governments rarely respond to small moves. At fairly least, the honorary consul (our high commission in Kenya is responsible for Uganda) should be withdrawn. Canada cannot be giving 23.5 million dollars per year to country that thinks homosexuality is a crime to be punished by life imprisonment or death. Mr. Harper make this intention clear to the Ugandan government now to try to talk them back off the edge of this cliff. If they do not respond, cut them off.


Marx-A-Million said...

I agree, we should invade Uganda. Your words of wisdom rain down on the populace as though Zeus were pissing out the window of Mount Olympus!

Heaven is a Place on Earth!

CanadianSense said...

We should ask the UN and African nations to investigate this matter before cutting off 100% in programs that might be delivered by non political NGO's that are doing good work.

We could push a global travel ban or a Visa for all government officials+family making it cumbersome for them to travel outside their country.

Play YMCA if they enter, win a medal at our Olympics? (Just kidding)

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