Sunday, May 10, 2009

British Columbians Becoming Increasingly Forgetful

That's the only conclusion for the Fair Vote crowd to draw if this polling proves accurate. There was a myth during the MMP referendum in Ontario that lack of information was the reason MMP failed. Fair Vote folks often say that if people had the facts they'd win in a landslide. I debunked the MMP myth here if you are interested. This time around, with now two efforts to educate the good people of British Columbia (this one extraordinarily well-financed), the evidence seems to be that the more people know about STV the less they like it. Lots of reasons for this. (It's just not that likeable in my humble opinion.) I'll save any analysis of this for after the ballots are in and we shall see if the pollsters are even in the ballpark (no guarantee, especially in BC). One question. If this fails miserably, do we get to put the electoral reform issue to bed for awhile? I know if it passes the cries from Fair Vote Canada will become insufferable.


Anonymous said...

That was no myth in Ontario, that was accurate.

Your not trustworthy with the facts.

Scott Tribe said...

You're apparently taking your cue from the Toronto Star and Ian Urquhart; there is no reason to not stop talking electoral reform if this fails. Reforms are sorely needed in some shape, manner or form.

Chrystal Ocean said...

The more DISinformation people get, the less they like STV. Provided with the truth about STV, they overwhelming response is positive. I'm seeing that on the ground, as are other members of my volunteer team.

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