Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Bad Clip is a Dangerous Thing

Some quick thoughts about quoting out of context. First, stateside Jon Stewart has started a war with CNBC over their coverage of the economy. Stewart is right in his criticism that CNBC cheerled the housing bubble all the way up and did next to no investigative journalism into its potential consequences. Did he need to take Jim Cramer out of context when he was talking about the safety of money invested with Bear Stearns as opposed to money invested in their stock? No. Likewise, this vid slamming Harper on the economy takes the PM out of context for no reason. Harper was actually right in his statement that the Canadian HOUSING MARKET is in a cyclical downturn but does not require major government intervention (I don't consider the collateral damage insurance to the banks as major intervention). I mean seriously, the interview Harper did with Amanda Lang during the election is gold (that's the "buying opportunity" one). Why do you need to misquote an interview where he actually sounded intelligent?

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Anonymous said...

Nonsense! Every job loss is Harper's fault!

We can take him out of context because he did it to us. Two wrongs make a right don't you know?

Liberal majority on the way!!

la, la, la, la

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