Sunday, January 11, 2009


I may have to repeat this every day between now and the day of the BC election. I know the system is called PR-STV sometimes. That's false advertising. This is a system where a party's vote count can go down and the party can gain seats. A party's vote count can go up and they can lose seats. That's not proportional representation. It just isn't. If you want PR, don't vote for STV. Proponents will argue that because results more closely resemble PR than FPTP does, that it is proportional. That's bunk. Proportional Representation requires some method of guaranteeing proportionality. STV does not have any proportional mechanisms. That's why the Green Party of BC opposed it last time. I'll post on the flaws of STV as we get closer to the vote. I just wanted to get the basics out of the way.


Frankly Canadian said...

I'm not sure I understand your reasoning, is it not better than the current system, and will it not offer an opportunity for more options for parties that are closely related? My belief was that if I thought the Libs,dippers,greens were closer to the type of representation I wanted, that this was a better system to achieve that goal?

Oemissions said...

Better to get those flaws out NOW, so we have time to go through this again.
It was y understanding that the Green Party did support it after convincing Adrian Carr that is was ok.
Also, Carole James,NDP didnot support it because she said she didn't know enough about it. Weird thing to say for a leader of a party. Couldn"t she get informed?

Frankly Canadian said...

Thats just like Carole James to say she doesn't understand it, now she simply opposes everything and then waits for one of her staffers to explain things to her. I used to like her when she first came on as leader but wow what a mistake, she opposes just about everything I believe in. Anyways in regards to the blog, I have spent the week talking to people at work about BC-STV and everyone agrees that it should pass and they are all voting yes.

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