Monday, September 29, 2008

21 Days Later...

Jack Layton actually shows up in his own riding! The MP for Air Canada finally touched down close to home. Three weeks. That's how long it took him to talk to voters in his own riding. Will he be back? We don't know. There is an all candidates debate scheduled in Toronto-Danforth for October 7th. Jack didn't think it worth his time to come to the last one. We'll see about this one. To track Jack's travels, please visit It's time to remind Jack Layton that local matters.


Anonymous said...

Your laughable. Your leader isn't even going into the province of QC much less his riding. I also live in jack's riding and he is a great constit MP but I get that he is also the leader and that during the campaign it's his JOB to travel.

I guess you and the Liberal candidate think that the voters of TD are morons. Otherwise you wouldn't be posting this kind of tripe.

N. Ditkofsky said...

As a Torontonian living outside of Ontario, I have watched with keen interest (albeit from afar) the election race in the Toronto ridings. My impressions are formed from the News media and I too get the impression that Jack Layton has been absent from his riding longer than the other leaders from theirs. As for Quebec, I recall reading that Dion was in Quebec City on September 25 addressing the chamber of commerce. I even took the time to find out where I read that, so that you can read it as well.

Last I checked, Quebec city was in the province of Quebec...

While I respect your opinion that Jack Layton is a good MP (even I do not share it), as an MP his job is to represent the people of his riding first and the political needs of his party second. In an election this is not always the easiest thing to do, but he should not be relying on his title of part leader to pull him through this election. He should have participated in the previous all candidates debate, even if it was by telephone conference. Hopefully he will attend the next one.

Mr. Ginsberg's label of Jack Layton as the MP for Air Canada is a brilliant and funny observation... although if I am not mistaken (and I may well be) Layton travels around in a private plane....

Now in case you think I am replying to your post to defend the liberal party, I am not. I am a conservative supporter who votes the issues and votes across party lines in different elections. I just believe that you are wrong. I have been enjoying Mr. Ginsberg's blog for a few weeks now and believe that he is anything but laughable, although I find many of his posts humorous. As for your supposition that he believes the voters of TO are morons... Mr. Ginsberg is obviously a liberal supporter. When I read his blog I understand this and filter his opinions and compare them with my own. Mr. Ginsberg, I hope you will not take the above anonymous post to heart, keep up the wonderful and humorous observations, even if I do not agree with you I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

I even have the courage to sign my name to my posts, unlike the previous poster who attacks you anonymously.

Keep up the good work.

N. Ditkofsky

Dimmy said...

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
For the true flavour of Canadian Politics visit: or

Laura said...

Hilarious. "The MP for Air Canada". Love it.

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