Monday, July 23, 2007

Blockbusters I Actually Want To See

I am rarely excited by modern cinema. I am even more rarely enthused about large productions. However, when one of my favourite TV shows and one of my favourite books are coming out in movie form, I get a little psyched.

First up, the big one coming out this Friday, The Simpsons Movie. Now, most of the time TV shows which become movies are a poor bet at best. However, I trust Matt Groening and Co. after all these years, and the previews look hillarious. Have you seen the Spider-Pig? I will actually pay to see this one.

Another movie I will spend money on is The Golden Compass. For those unfamiliar with Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy, will get familiar. Pullman's trilogy has been overshadowed by the wizard from Hogwarts, but it is a great work of fantasy. The trilogy, which was composed as an atheist alternative to Narnia, is much more than that. The story is both simple enough for a child and yet works on a lot of levels making it compelling for any reader. I am impressed by how similar the preview looks in comparison to the books. As long as the movies are faithful, they will be a lot of fun. There is some concern about how the anti-church message will play in the Bible belt but I don't expect too many protests until the release of the third part of the trilogy, The Amber Spyglass. Spoiler Alert: The depiction of the death of God may be a challenge to film and may ruffle some feather. I hope they don't decide against filming the scene, it would be a shame. I may not fully agree with Pullman's radical atheism, but as art it is brilliant.

Back to politics when there is actually something to blog about.

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